Quality External Video Game Platforms


At Puppies Out, we offer quality external game art production for all video game platforms and game development for iOS and Android. Creates high quality game art and develops games that deliver eyeballs, click-through and the marketing results the clients pay for. If you are looking for a free, adventurous dog game for your iPhone, make sure you download Puppies Out. On your Apple Store and start playing. Even if you didn’t know that this was a sub-genre per se, you’ve probably played at least one endless runner game on your Smartphone or tablet. These games are great because they have simple controls while offering plenty of fun and adrenaline-filled moments.

If you’re in search of the best endless runner games that are available on Android for free, we think you’ll appreciate the ones we’ve selected. Of course, you may have played others that aren’t included here feel free to let us know about them. There’s no shortage of games out there claiming to be runaway hits, but a hit game about running away? That’s a different matter altogether.

Endless runner game may be hitting their stride on mobile platforms, but these five are proven to have the endurance to carry them across the finish line. Door-to-door phonograph salesman Barry Steak fries dreamt of a better life. Stumbling into a top-secret lab along his route and spotting a shiny new jetpack just itching to be tested, how could he not take it for a ride? Now it’s up to Barry to try to escape the lab by ducking and dodging laser beams, electric fields, homing missiles and more. Crazy power-ups and even crazier vehicles are there to help Barry go the distance, while taking you along for the ride of a lifetime in this endless running game app.

Most endless runner games have the hero taking option B in the fight-or-flight reflex by jumping, ducking and dodging all manner of obstacles in his or her path. Rocket Cat’s retro-styled endless runner game takes a more physical approach. Simply put: If it moves, hit it. Armed with a straight punch and an uppercut, you’ll fight your way through ogres, dinosaurs and pretty much any other creature you can dream up. With a host of customization options, plenty of power-ups and no shortage of quirky action, Punch Quest is a knockout for your mobile device.

One thing about most endless runner games is that they seem to be a solitary experience. Sure, you can try to compete for the top spot on some leader board, but you’re still running solo. Run In Crowd changes all of that by pitting players against each other in a mad multiplayer marathon. As soon as the game starts, you’re off to the races, timing your jumps to avoid oncoming obstacles. The pressure comes from keeping up with everyone else making similar jumps or watching your competitors fall into oblivion. With these top endless runner games on your smart phone or tablet, you can run a virtual marathon. For more information visit the site http://puppiesout.com/ .


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